Adian Al-Maliki is a senior at Encina Preparatory School. She decided to wear the hijab when she was ten years old. “Some people just forget sometimes where they came from. I feel like it reminds me where I’m actually from.” Her family immigrated to Sacramento from Basra, Iraq. Adian became an Encina student four years […]
South Wales Police are investigating allegations that a Muslim was told to go “back to your own country” on social media following the Manchester terror attack. Imad Khalid, who owns Giovanni’s Barber’s and Bubble Lounge Cafe in Dillwyn Street, Swansea , received the response from Jayde Lee through a private message on Facebook. Ms Lee […]
TORONTO – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated Muslims on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, praising Canadian Muslims contributions in making the country great. Starting his video from Assalamu Alaikum, Justin Trudeau said, “This week Muslims in Canada and around the world mark the beginning of Ramadan. People will gather in mosques […]
Today sees the start of the month of Ramadan for Muslims worldwide, with 30 days of fasting, reciting the Qoran in its entirety, and spending time with family and friends. The Moroccan Community Association told GBC Islam promotes peace, and that it’s saddened by the recent terrorist attack in Manchester. They added Gibraltar is a […]
Swiss film director Barbet Schroeder’s latest documentary on Myanmar’s anti-Islam monk, Wirathu, screened at the Cannes Film Festival Saturday, providing a “chilling portrait” of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, AFP reports. The Venerable W is the third installment of Schroeder’s “Axis of Evil” documentary trilogy. The two previous films in the series depict Ugandan dictator General […]
A Saudi man has come under attack by social media users after he posted a video in which he declared he was completing Umrah, lesser pilgrimage, on behalf of US President Donald Trump yesterday. The man, who filmed himself making the declaration at Makkah, Saudi Arabia, metres from the Kabaa, said: “I dedicate this Umrah […]
SAN RAFAEL (KPIX 5) – A Bay Area woman is trying to bridge divides of religion and culture. Her mission could not come at a better time. Moina Shaiq is a Muslim woman from Fremont who is introducing herself to the Bay Area, a place she’s lived for more than 40 years. “I didn’t realize […]
David & Adama, friends through the hardest of times, look how far they’ve taken their unlikely pairing since they first met. Adama, wrongfully imprisoned by the US government at age 16, wonders if American society will ever truly be comfortable with her religion, and David admits that his proudest moment in life wouldn’t have come […]
The White House has recognized Palestine in a briefing video. It has since been deleted. But not before pissing Israel off.“I hope this is just ignorance, not policy” (Ayalet Shaked, Israeli Justice Minister). Don’t worry, President Trump will ensure this friendship is forever. “We love Israel, we respect Israel. My good friend, Prime Minister, Netanyahu… […]
PORTLAND, Maine (Portland Press Herald/Taylor Vortherms) — Deering High sophomore Tabarek Kadhim wasn’t entirely comfortable about playing sports – but that’s changed now that the school is offering sports hijabs for female Muslim athletes. “I did not do any tennis until now because I was so nervous and shy about wearing my stylish hijab during […]
In President Donald Trump’s first speech overseas, he called for the Muslim world to come together and drive out terrorism. Learn more about this story at Find more videos like this at Follow Newsy on Facebook: Follow Newsy on Twitter:
Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are keeping up a mass hunger strike launched to protest their conditions. 35 days have passed since some 13-hundred inmates began refusing food. Activists say a number of prisoners have been transferred to a civilian hospital after falling into a critical health condition. They have warned that prison authorities might […]
CHANDLER, Ariz. – Authorities in three states are comparing notes to see if the same man has been burglarizing mosques in Alabama, Virginia and Arizona. The man was caught on security camera breaking into three mosques in Alabama and another in Virginia in the last month. The photos were so clear, reporters for the Anniston […]
Stand-up comedian Ramy Youssef worries that, because he’s Muslim, he’ll soon be visited by a bearded man with an owl. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: For more content from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, click HERE: Watch full episodes of “The Late Show” HERE: Like “The Late Show” on […]
Imagine arriving in the UK, going through airport security and then being ordered to hand over your phone and laptop with all passwords – for examination. A British Muslim activist was arrested after he refused to do it. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!… Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter […]
Students across Winnipeg plan to rally against Islamophobia and the U.S. travel ban on Wednesday. Seven Oaks Met School Grade 12 student Palvi Saini said she became inspired to organize the rally after researching the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis for a school project. She said she’s noticed a rise in Islamophobic behaviour […]
Did you know nine out of ten deaf children are born to hearing parents? Well, meet Zakariyya, a 19-year-old deaf teenager who was also born to hearing parents. For many children like Zakariyya, although he grew up in a loving and supportive home his communication and language barriers have affected his ability to enjoy a […]
A film I made for a dear friend, Brother Akbar McEntyre. Akbar started a nonprofit named “Humble Beginnings”, that aims to better Paterson New Jersey through social work. Brother Akbar is an inspiration. He is a selfless human who loves his community and works harder than anyone I know. He uses his personal van to […]
“This is no longer about American Muslims…This is about the future of our country.” Subscribe to Fusion: Visit us at: Like us at:… Follow us at: View us: Watch more from Fusion friends: F-Comedy: Fusion TV: Gizmodo: Kotaku: Deadspin: Jezebel: Lifehacker: Io9: […]
Palestinians across the world are commemorating #NakbaDay. It marks the anniversary of Israelis forcing Palestinians from their homes. On Sunday night thousands of people marched in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank. Nakba, or day of catastrophe as its known, is officially marked each year on May 15. In 1948 Around 750-thousand Palestinians were forced […]
Around one hundred people rallied in Berlin, Saturday, to demonstrate in remembrance of the 69th year of the ‘Nakba’, the displacement of Palestinians from Israel and in solidarity with some 1,300 Palestinians currently on hunger strike in Israeli prisons. SOT, Martin Suchanek, Nakba Day Alliance (German): “We are demonstrating today in remembrance of the Nakba, […]
Cristiano Ronaldo is still surprising. Everyone knows, the Real Madrid striker is not just a football player. Cristiano Ronaldo, a social network star with 270 million fans in total, follows him every day, at 32, multiplying his activities and commitments. Spontaneous, he is the king of the unexpected. Lately, it was not on a field […]
Raghdan Aziz, a young man of British-Indian Muslim heritage, is happy in his new home on the west coast of Ireland. This beach-fronted retreat is the perfect getaway from his controlling father. He has escaped the burden of his legacy and discovered a new sense of community. Living with his adoring aunt and uncle, Raghdan […]
John Guandolo’s anti-Muslim training seminars have found a receptive audience with Arizona law enforcement. Next week, Guandolo will be making his third appearance in the Valley in the last five months to present his seminar, “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Threat.” His point: Mosques in the U.S. are breeding grounds for terrorists. During Guandolo’s three-day […]
There is no official law in places such as Saudi Arabia that bans women from driving, but deeply held cultural beliefs prohibit it. Some Saudi clerics argue that female drivers “undermine social values”. In 2011, the “Women2Drive” campaign encouraged women to disregard the laws and post images and videos of themselves driving on social media […]
The video seen below is an account of six women from six countries impacted by President Trump’s Executive Order to halt immigration from Muslim-majority regions of the world. As a business, our mandate includes female empowerment and camaraderie; and while we celebrate women, we also acknowledge their ongoing struggles. Therefore, we initiated a project which […]
A brave Muslim woman wearing a niqab has been filmed breaking up a shocking road rage attack in Batley, West Yorkshire. The Huddersfield Daily Examiner reports that the unidentified woman can be seen rushing to split up the two men fighting in Town Street, Batley Carr. The attack, filmed on a driver’s dash cam, is […]
With half-a-million subscribers on Youtube, and a Twitter following of nearly 17,000, Hessa al-Awad is a rising star on the vlogging scene. However, unlike other beauty vloggers making the most of millennials’ insatiable taste for online tutorials, al-Awad covers her face. The 25-year-old Saudi from Damam wears the Islamic niqab face covering adopted by many […]
In an emotional television broadcast, a young Tunisian man named Ali Borni appeared with his mother on an arabic TV show to beg her to take his kidney, after learning she suffered from Kidney disease. The Mother only agreed to appear on the show thinking that she was going to meet her older son who […]
SHREWSBURY (CBS) – Police are investigating an anti-Muslim letter targeting a man running for selectman in Shrewsbury. Rashid Shaikh, a native of Pakistan, says the letter was circulated in mailboxes and online, telling people not to vote for him because he’s Muslim. The letter warned of dire consequences should a Muslim be allowed “rule” the […]
(KMSP) – There has been a massive jump in the number of hate crimes against Muslims over the last year in the U.S., according to the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights organization. According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, there was a 57 percent spike in reported Muslim bias incidents and a 44 percent increase […]
The two-year civil war in Yemen, has destroyed much of the country. Life is particularly hard for teachers and doctors trying to prepare children for life after the ongoing conflict. Al Jazeera’s Rob Matheson explains. – Subscribe to our channel: – Follow us on Twitter: – Find us on Facebook: – Check […]
The healing powers of laughter – a former cancer patient brings smiles to the faces of children undergoing treatment in the Gaza Strip. Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Visit our website:
Turkey’s Ibn Haldun University and Malaysia’s Al Bukhary International University have partnered up. A collaborative education program will begin with the start of the new education semester in September. Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Visit our website:
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At least 82 out of more than 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014 have been released, following negotiations between the extremist group and the Nigerian government. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch CGTN Live:… Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS):… Download our APP on Google Play (Android):… […]
The Israeli army has attacked a Syrian military camp in the Golan Heights, reportedly killing three soldiers there. The attack targeted Al-Fawwar camp near the city of Quneitra in southwestern Syria. The army confirmed there was an attack, only saying it caused material damage. It is not clear whether the incident has been an airstrike […]
A children’s centre in Gaza has a new idea to encourage reading among school children. John Joe Regan has more. Subscribe: Livestream: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Visit our website:
The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) today offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who allegedly ripped the Islamic head scarf (hijab) off a 14-year-old Muslim girl while calling the high school student a “terrorist.” On Friday, April 14, a man reportedly ripped […]
The world took notice when a chemical attack in Syria killed more than 80 people earlier this month. But the war reaches across the country, and innocents are caught in the crossfire on any given day. One Syrian family living in the U.S. state of Colorado knows this all too well. The same day as […]
Thousands of African immigrants have moved to this struggling Maine town—leading to revitalization and resentment. Subscribe to Fusion: Visit us at: Like us at:… Follow us at: View us: Watch more from Fusion friends: F-Comedy: Fusion TV: Gizmodo: Deadspin: Jezebel: Lifehacker: Io9: Jalopnik: […]
Chinese Muslim Children in Beijing are praying (making dua) to Allah with tears along with the audience. We join them saying Allahumma Aameen ya Rabbil Aalaameen 🙏 2:286 Al-Baqara ‎رَبَّنَا لَا تُؤَاخِذْنَا إِنْ نَسِينَا أَوْ أَخْطَأْنَا ۚ رَبَّنَا وَلَا تَحْمِلْ عَلَيْنَا إِصْرًا كَمَا حَمَلْتَهُ عَلَى الَّذِينَ مِنْ قَبْلِنَا ۚ رَبَّنَا وَلَا تُحَمِّلْنَا مَا لَا طَاقَةَ […]
Models sashayed down the catwalk as Aishat Kadyrova, the eldest daughter of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, made her fashion debut in Grozny, Wednesday. Kadyrova’s collection features modest, floor length designs that comply with the Chechen Republic’s strict Islamic dress code. Video ID: 20170301-058 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook:
School Board of Broward County’s Resolution in Support of American Muslim Heritage Month: May 2017 (Ft Lauderdale, FL; 5/2/2017) The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Florida) today applauded the public reading event of the School Board of Broward County’s Resolution in Support of American Muslim Heritage Month: May 2017. The resolution, approved […]
BIRMINGHAM, MI – Today in Birmingham, a special fashion show is being held, to support a specific cause — Syrian refugees. All proceeds from “Breaking Barriers” will go toward funding a mission trip to Greece to help those displaced or trapped after fleeing Syria. The event organizer, Hoda Winkler, crafted the fashion and the show […]
COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A Syrian teenager who came to Central Ohio after a devastating war forced her family from their homeland is inspiring others with her academic success. “I came [to America] four years ago from Syria. I didn’t speak any English,” said Sara Abou Rashed. “We escaped the war.” Fast-forward to this week: Rashed […]
Riaad Moosa talks about Muslim Weddings in South Africa… Subscribe NOW to Riaad Moosa’s Official YouTube Channel… Doctor’s Orders DVD now available at all good DVD stores and pirate Fordsburg stands as well… Book to see me live on my new Life Begins Tour coming to a town near you: Life Begins Johannesburg 15th […]
This is a bizarre Malaysian shampoo advert (commercial) where the woman is filmed shampooing her headscarf because she is not allowed to take it off in public (and men will be watching the commercial). (It appears to be a satirical response to an earlier advert which zooms in on a woman washing her hair without […]