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Muslim Community Feeds Homeless In Meridian


Amicia Ramsey Muslims across the nation are fasting daily as part of the ‘holy month’ of Ramadan. Many local Muslims are depriving their body of food but are paying it forward by doing good deeds for others. Newscenter 11 spoke to some local Muslims who are giving back by feeding the homeless in Meridian.

This year Ramadan runs from May 26 to June 24. During this ‘holy month’ from sunrise to sunset, members of the Islamic Center of Mississippi and Alabama don’t eat or drink and refrain from other forbidden activities.

Adem Obid is a member of the local mosque. Obid said fasting also creates compassion for those who go hungry on a regular basis.

“That makes you want help people. You suffer what other people suffer, to help some of those suffering,” said Obid.

More than 250 homeless live in Lauderdale County. Bilal Browne hit the streets of Meridian to share his faith and food plates with the less fortunate.

“Naan, it’s like a bread. It has baked chicken and brown whole grain rice. Something that can really sustain and help them last for a while,” said Browne.

Jamillian Benamon is among those who are homeless who accepted a dinner. She says it will get her through the night.

“I really don’t eat that much but it will help to put something on your stomach,” said Benamon.

Browne says the ‘holy month’ isn’t only about staying away from food but affords him a chance to focus on the Quran, commune with God and give back to others.

“My mom always said if there’s anything that you can do for someone within your ability, go ahead and do it because God sees it, “ said Browne.

Ramadan will continue for two more weeks.